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We are a group of people who seek to know God and love others.


Where do we begin? We begin with Jesus the Christ, who said, ‘To see me is to see God.’


What a claim! And a claim that we continually test, explore and rejoice in. Some of us are working out who Christ is, while others are looking to grow in our relationship with him. Sometimes we have more questions than answers. But we return again and again to the mystery, challenge and joy of love as modelled by Jesus Christ.


Believers and seekers, doubters and sceptics … you’re very welcome to join us on this amazing journey. 

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Jesus Christ

Jewish carpenter. Travelling teacher. Baby born in a shed. Country lad. Troublemaker.

Jesus Christ.


For more than 2000 years, people have called that man ‘Christ’, meaning ‘God’s rescuer and king’. Christ has had a bigger impact on the world than any other person in history. How did he manage that? Jesus was murdered but then raised to life, as a demonstration of love and so that our brokenness was dealt with and everything wrong about the world was defeated. This news – which Christians call the gospel – changes people. It gives them hope. It gives them peace and joy. It gives them purpose.

Our History

St Mary’s Balmain sits on land that God gave to the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. We acknowledge and respect the ancient and ongoing connection of Australia’s Indigenous peoples to the land, rivers and oceans.

Followers of Christ first built a small church on the present site in 1845, and its first service was held in 1846. Believers have met here ever since, drawn from Balmain’s industries as they flourished and then faded, and as the peninsula’s population swelled, declined and grew again. If you are interested in the history or architecture of St Mary’s, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff to find out more. You can download 'A Short History of St Marys Balmain' here.

About Jesus
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